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Scrap Car Removal is a service that removes scrap cars, old cars, junk cars, and other automobiles. We offer cash for scrap vehicles of all types.

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Scrap Car Removal is a company that helps people get rid of scrap cars and old vehicles. We pick up any vehicle for free, and we’ll even recycle the parts to ensure they won’t be used for anything bad. We aim to help the environment by reducing carbon emissions from scrapped vehicles and helping people who want to sell their cars but don’t want them sitting in their driveway or on the street for days without being taken away.

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Best cash offer

Get cash offer from $500 to $5,000 for your old scrap car in Toronto and its surrounding.

All Makes and Model

We will pay you the best cash for any scrap car regardless of the make, model, or year.

Free towing Service

We will tow your old and unwanted scrap vehicle from anywhere in GTA free of charge.

Cash Payment

We will pay you the best dollar in cash for your junk and unwanted scrap or old car on the spot!

365 Days a Year

We are available to answer your calls 7 days a week to remove your scrap car. Call us today and get a quote.


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Any condition

Damaged? Accident? Doesn't Start? We will buy your junk car in any condition or shape and we will offer best cash price.

Eco Friendly Junk Car Recycling

Eco-friendly junk car recycling program, which ensures that all the parts from your old junk car are recycled and re-used eco-friendly.

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 Great service and fair pricing. The guys showed up when they said they would and were very efficient. Would use their service again anytime.


Bill Nonnewitz

 I didn’t even know that my broken Pontiac Montana was worth anything, sitting and collecting dust on my driveway until a friend referred me to Towing and scrap car Toronto. A few hours later, the van was gone and I even got good cash for it. Reliable and efficient service


Asim Gulfraz

Scrap car Toronto, this scrap car removal come on time,they offer good price, I recommend this company.




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Scrap Car Removal: Turn Your Junk into Cash!

Do you want to hide a rusted car in your yard? You should sell the old car quickly rather than let it deteriorate. Selling your old car for scrap metal helps the environment and makes money. This article discusses the benefits of having your old car taken away and how to make the best of the situation. We’re going auto-salvage, so buckle up!

What is Scrap Car Removal?

Companies specializing in scrap car removal will haul away your old, broken down, or unwanted automobile. In most cases, the towing service will transport the vehicles to an authorized scrap yard or recycling center. Rest assured that your scrap car will be disposed of responsibly when removed from your property.

The Benefits of Scrap Car Removal

1. Extra Cash in Your Pocket

Generating some supplementary income ranks high among the advantages of scrap car removal. Your old car’s scrap metal and recyclable components are worth something, even if it is no longer running or in terrible shape. If you hire a scrap car removal service, they will give you a reasonable price based on the vehicle’s weight and condition.

2. Hassle-Free and Convenient

The conventional automobile selling method involves a lot of work and effort. You’ll need to put up signs, talk to prospective buyers, and deal with the paperwork. Conversely, having your scrap car picked up is quick and easy. You can save time and energy by hiring a removal firm to handle the logistics, such as towing the vehicle and processing the relevant papers.

3. Environmentally Friendly Disposal

The ecology may suffer if you let a junked car rot in your yard. Chemicals and pollutants can seep into the ground and water supply due to leaks, rust, and general wear and tear. Having your old car hauled away helps keep the area around you cleaner. Dismantling automobiles reduces their environmental impact because their parts can be reused, repurposed, or disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

The Scrap Car Removal Process

Now that we’ve established why scrap car removal is beneficial, let’s look at how it’s done.

1. Research and Choose a Reputable Removal Company

Find a reliable scrap auto removal service in your area by researching online. It would be best if you preferred legitimate businesses that can prove they are legitimate. Reading customer reviews and comments can give you insight into a company’s reliability and quality of service.

2. Obtain a Quote

When calling a towing service, be as specific as possible about your car’s make, model, year, and problem. With this information, they can give you a ballpark figure for how much they want to buy your car.

3. Schedule the Removal

If the price is acceptable, arrange a removal date and time. The removal company will send a tow truck to pick up your car whenever and wherever you want. Have the title and registration ready to transfer ownership of the car.

4. Hand Over the Vehicle

The tow truck driver will get your vehicle on the agreed-upon day. Take everything out of it and ensure you haven’t forgotten anything before handing it off. Complete the paperwork and get paid for your car.

5. Vehicle Disposal

When the towing business finally takes possession of your vehicle, it will be delivered to a legitimate junkyard or recycling center. The vehicle will be dismantled methodically at these facilities, with recoverable parts like the engine, transmission, and tires removed. The leftover bits will be thrown away in an eco-friendly fashion.

Maximizing the Value of Your Scrap Car

Keep the following in mind to get the most out of your junk car removal service:

1. Complete a Thorough Inspection

Inspect your vehicle thoroughly before requesting a quote. Please detail any optional features, replacement parts, or helpful additions you find. If you inform the moving firm of any additional services you may need, you can negotiate a lower price.

2. Compare Quotes

Compare prices by requesting quotes from multiple scrap car removal providers. You can locate the greatest offer for your car by comparing the different bids.

3. Remove Non-Metal Components

Taking away the stereo, GPS, and any aftermarket wheels might increase the amount you receive for your scrap car. You can maximize your earnings by selling these parts separately or incorporating them into another vehicle.

4. Have Proper Documentation

Ensure you have all the required paperwork for a quick and easy procedure. The title, registration, and other documentation law enforcement requirements in your area.


Removing your scrap car is a great way to get rid of your old car and make some money. The recycling and proper disposal of automobile scraps benefit from your selection of this eco-friendly alternative. Removal firms streamline and simplify the process by towing and processing papers on your behalf. Get numerous bids, do some homework on removal companies, and make sure you get the most money for your scrap automobile by taking off any unnecessary parts that aren’t made of metal. When you can get paid to have your old automobile hauled away, there’s no reason to let it sit in the garage.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: How much money can I get for my scrap car?

Several criteria, including the vehicle’s weight, condition, and current market values for scrap metal, will determine how much money you can obtain for your old automobile. Based on these considerations, scrap car removal services usually provide competitive pricing. It’s smart to shop around for prices to ensure you get the most for your car.

Q2: Do I need the title and registration to sell my scrap car?

You will need the title and registration to sell your car through scrap car removal. These papers are needed to transfer ownership to the moving firm and act as proof of ownership. Before removing your vehicle, you must get the appropriate documents from your local DMV if you still need to get the title and registration.

Q3: Can I sell a car without wheels or missing parts?

An automobile without working wheels or other components might be sold via scrap car disposal. Vehicles in this condition may be valued less because of the missing parts, but they still have value as scrap metal. The towing service will determine a reasonable charge based on the vehicle’s condition and the still usable parts.

Q4: Is scrap car removal environmentally friendly?

The disposal of outdated cars through scrap car removal is an eco-friendly choice. Vehicles are deconstructed and recycled in line with environmental rules by the removal firms with the necessary competence and equipment. This method encourages the recycling of useful auto parts and lessens their negative influence on the environment.

Q5: Can I remove valuable accessories from my car before selling it?

Yes, before selling your car through junk car removal, it is recommended that you remove any valuable accessories, aftermarket parts, or non-metal components. These components may have value apart from the vehicle in which they are installed. However, you must notify the removal firm if you alter the vehicle’s original state.

Choose a licensed scrap auto removal service that operates ethically and environmentally responsibly. You’ll be helping the environment and ensuring a positive transaction simultaneously.

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