Who Picks Up Old Cars For Cash?

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In this article, we will explore who picks up old cars for cash and what you can expect from the transaction.

The process of selling an old car to a junkyard is pretty straightforward. Once you’ve picked out a few potential places to sell your vehicle, get in touch with them and set up an appointment time. You’ll then need to bring your car into the yard – which may require some additional paperwork and they’ll evaluate it before giving you a quote on how much money they’re willing to pay for it. If that sounds like something that interests you, keep reading.

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Who Picks Up Old Cars For Cash Tips?

How do I know if my car qualifies? Unsurprisingly enough, most junkyards want newer vehicles with low mileage so don’t expect to take in a car that’s been sitting outside for years and expect them to offer you top dollar. They’re typically interested in cars from the 90s and earlier as those models are now 25+ years old and their parts can be very valuable.

What will they do with my vehicle once I sell it? First, the yard will go over the car with you to give you an estimate of how much they’re willing to pay for it – then they’ll offer that amount as a “holdback” toward the price of any parts that are taken off. If you agree on the numbers, they’ll arrange for one of their tow trucks to come to pick up your vehicle and haul it away.

Once your car is hauled away, they’ll go through it and remove any parts that are worth salvaging – these parts will either be sold to other customers or scrapped so the metal itself can be reused.

What should I expect for payment? That depends on the price of your vehicle when you sell it. Typically, junkyards pay $100 to $300 for older cars – and that money is typically paid in cash on the spot or even trade for the tow.

What happens once I sell my vehicle? Once they’ve collected your car and finished removing salvageable parts, you’re done! That’s it. The entire process should only take a few days at the most, but be sure to make all arrangements with the yard before you take your vehicle in.

How do I choose a junkyard to buy my old car? There are plenty of junkyards out there so it can be hard to pin down which one is right for you.

The best way to go about this process is to check out what they have to offer, their inventory of parts, and any testimonials from customers. Once you’ve done that, inquire about the process of selling a vehicle and how much money they’re willing to pay – then decide if that meets your needs.

What do I need to bring with me? Any titles or registration documents for the vehicle, as well as your driver’s license. And while it probably goes without saying, you’ll need to get the car there yourself – that means either driving it or arranging for someone else to do so.

How long does the process take? Again, this can vary depending on where you’re selling your car. But you should expect the entire process to take a week or two at most.

What happens if they offer me less than what I expected? Not all junkyards are created equal – and some may try to lowball you on the price of your vehicle. Don’t settle for that. If they’re not offering a decent price, just walk away and sell your car somewhere else.

What happens if they offer me more money than I expected? Great news! Take the cash, be happy with your new windfall, and sell them additional parts at a markup to boost your profit.

Is there anything else I should know about? Junkyards are often wholesale businesses – so don’t expect them to offer financing, warranties, or anything like that on the parts they’re selling you. They’ll do their best to make it as easy and profitable on you as possible – but you need to be prepared for this process and don’t expect them to try and sell you on bells and whistles your car doesn’t actually have.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to sell your old car for cash, contact a junkyard in your area. They’ll come to pick it up, pay you for the vehicle itself or its parts (if any), and then tow it away. The entire process should only take about a week or two – but be prepared by having all necessary paperwork.

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