Sell Your Old Car vs Scrap Car Removal Toronto Service

A car is a tool for the most average drivers. It is essential to perform all the daily tasks like driving yourself to work or getting kids from school. If the car you are using is no longer road-worthy then it is completely useless and is just taking up space in your yard, then you should sell your old car.

However even if you think that your car is not worth a cent, it still has value, and many renowned Scrap Car Removal Toronto companies are ready to pay a good amount of junk cars for cash. Even if the car is still functional but you want to get rid of it and buy a new car that fits your preferences, there are many ways in which you can sell junk cars and get a good price for it.

Cash For Cars
The majority of people here in Toronto have their junk cars parked in their garage as they don’t know what they should do with it. To sell or to tow, that’s the question. It always seems best to go with an option that leaves you with a good amount of cash in your wallet.

However both these ways offer a good price for your junk vehicle. In this article, we have reviewed both options so you can discover their advantages and backdrops. We have also guided you about when to approach scrap car removal and when it is better to look for a private buyer.

How to Sell Your Old Car Tips

With thousands of accidents happening each year in Toronto leaves many brand-new cars are pretty banged up and are severely damaged. It is really hard to get compensated by your insurance company for all the worth of the damaged car. For those cars, it is the best option and will offer much more cash than approaching a Scrap Car Removal Toronto service.

Before selling your old car to a private buyer, you just need to assess the condition of the car honestly. If it is too damaged then you need to repair the car before selling it out otherwise it will be hard to find the right buyer for your vehicle.

However, the replacement costs are relatively high. If the car hasn’t met with an accident and is relatively in good shape but only has a few mechanical issues then you can check its value through various services. In that case, you will have a clear picture in your mind and will also have an idea about its value. For those who have a relatively new model car, it will be easy to sell in the markets of Toronto as many potential buyers are looking for a new model car at a cheaper rate.


  1. Offers good price as compared to scrap car removal service
  2. More comfortable for the seller to negotiate with a buyer
  3. Obtain cash benefit for the working parts also as scrap car removal service will pay only for the metal body and parts of the car


  1. Time-consuming
  2. Hard to find the right buyer for less desirable model cars

How to get rid of an Old Car & Sell it to a Scrap Car Removal Service

Scrap car removal companies only have a concern with the metal body of the car as they need these junk cars only for recycling. For those people who have cars that are completely useless and are of old-model and make then to approach a scrap car removal service is a great choice.

Many service providers are highly efficient and offer the best price possible. It is more convenient and less time-consuming as you don’t need to do any work. Even the collection of your junk car is the responsibility of the service providers as many leading and renowned companies offer free towing service.

Approaching a scrap car removal company is a comparatively short and hassle-free process as compared to selling your old car to a private buyer. But these service providers will only pay for the metal body and parts of your junk vehicle. If your junk vehicle has any operational parts in a good condition, consider removing them before selling your car to a scrap car removal service.

These valuable parts include doors, windows, rims, tires, airbags, bumpers, fenders, car batteries, catalytic converter, cooling system, and much more. If these parts are sold separately in a market, you can easily get a few thousand dollars and maybe more than that. However, it will require time and effort to find the right buyer for all these valuable parts but in the end, it all will be worth it.


  1. Less time consuming and hassle-free process
  2. Service providers will do all the work
  3. Instant payment
  4. Scrap car removal companies handle all kinds of the car and are not picky at all


  1. Some service providers do not offer free towing service
  2. Selling operational parts separately in a market is a great option but requires time, effort, and proper skill to remove these parts safely all by yourself.

In both these options, it is necessary to assess the condition of the car first if it is completely useless and not road-worthy then approaching a good scrap car removal service in Toronto would be a great idea.

It is the best choice for those who want an easy and smooth selling process. However, you need to find the best and most reliable car removal company for that purpose as some of them do not include free towing service and there are many hidden charges as well.

For cars that are still in good shape and condition but only has a few mechanical issues or requires repairing of some parts than selling it to the private buyer will be a good choice as scrap car removal company will not offer a good amount of cash for a vehicle that is still somehow functional and is in good condition. This process may be time-consuming but in the end, you will have half or maybe more than half of the money to get a new car.

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